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Why More Women are Leaving the Hospital to have Home Births

Until recently, giving birth at home was commonplace. In homes around the world, the birthing process happened in the home or perhaps at the home of the local office of the doctor. In developing countries, home births are still quite common due to the lack of medical care facilities.

However, giving birth in hospitals or care centers dedicated to the birthing process is quite dominant in the western world. The reasons for births to take place in hospitals was to combat some of the risks that were involved in giving birth. From breach babies to unexpected complications for the mother, being in the hospital meant that if an emergency should occur, they were at the right place for treatment.

In recent years, more mothers are deciding to have their babies at home. There are several reasons for this movement which has become a real trend in many western countries, including the US.

Less Expensive

Arguably the most obvious reason is that giving birth in the hospital is quite expensive costing tens of thousands of dollars even for a natural, complication-free birth. While many people have medical insurance which covers the costs, many do not or do not have enough coverage to pay for all the expenses.

A home birth is far less expensive, even when hiring a mid-wife to assist in the process. So, it’s little wonder that many people are choosing this option instead of going to the hospital.

Sharing the Experience with Family and Friends

Many mothers are not comfortable being separated from their family and friends during this time in their lives. While spouses and partners are allowed in the birthing rooms, everyone else must be in the waiting room. Giving birth at home means that the loved ones are just outside the door, if not in the room to experience the miracle of birth.

Comforts of Home

The cold environment of a hospital is no substitute for the warm comforts of home. This means that the mother is more relaxed and can focus on the birthing process which often has less pain. Being surrounded by the familiar offers a comfort that no hospital can provide. Many mothers who give birth at home often change positions when they want, eat, drink, and even shower during the process.

Avoiding Interventions

As part of the birthing process in the hospital, the doctor may perform an episiotomy, epidural, or even a cesarean section. For mothers who face no such complications, giving birth at home means avoiding any of those possibilities.

Keep in mind that mothers with high blood pressure, diabetic, have experienced preterm labor, or who have spouses uncomfortable with the potential dangers associated with giving birth at home instead of the hospital should have their child in the proper medical facility.

Home birth’s are for mothers who have a low-risk of complications, which normally means those who have given birth before and are not experiencing any complications with their current pregnancy. Giving birth at home is a remarkable experience that provides warmth and comfort that no hospital can deliver. If you have any questions in regards to anything that you just read, please do not hesitate to check out Glory Birth, a Kansas city doula service that goes the extra mile to ensure you are empowered as a momma.

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