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Whey Protein and Pregnancy: Is Okay To Use Supplements During Pregnancy?

After giving birth only a matter of months ago, I can honestly state that pregnancy really is an incredible time for all women. I say that even after spending most of mine being sick!

But the mechanics of what your body is doing (you’re building a whole person in there) is amazing. It is also a time you need to really think about nutrition seriously. Your body supplies everything your baby needs first and therefore, if you do not get enough nutrients you will be left deficient which can lead to complications.

Protein is essential for everyone. This is even more true for those eating for two. If you are already someone who loves a pre or post workout shake, or just don’t think you have enough protein in your diet, is a supplement OK?

Whey Protein and Pregnancy

Protein is incredibly important. Proteins make up every cell in our body and in turn help to develop your ever growing bundle of joy. Making sure your baby gets all the nutrition it needs for proper development is crucial and this of course means maintaining the right levels of protein.

Pregnant women should consume 71 grams of protein a day throughout those essential nine months. But as you should only add around 300 calories to your normal daily intake, some women look to whey protein for an added boost.

Is Whey Protein Safe During Pregnancy?

The problem is although you may have the best intentions when turning to a protein supplement, many tradition brands warn against their use during pregnancy. This could be a case of manufacturers simply being cautious, however, it is definitely not worth the risk.

With some manufacturers obviously seeing a gap in the market, there are now protein powders specifically for ladies who are expecting and those breastfeeding. This is great for those who want to ensure that their protein levels are correctly maintained during this important time.

In Conclusion

Now there are whey protein products available for expectant mothers you can take comfort in the decision to use a pregnancy safe option. But make sure, if you really feel supplementation is necessary, then only use a product specifically geared to pregnancy.

It is also important to speak to your doctor or midwife before using anything new during pregnancy. Agreeing with your prenatal healthcare provider will give you added peace of mind about your choices.

Jenny Abouobaia is a certified personal trainer and founder of Jenny Abouobaia Fitness.

Jenny offers affordable online training programs for both men and women with her dedicated app, ensuring personal training is accessible to anyone, at anytime on any budget.

She combined her love of fitness with her love of writing and has written thousands of articles for high authority sites in the health, fitness and nutrition niche.

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