Tips for Losing Weight After Baby

Tips for Losing Baby Weight

I had my youngest just over a year ago. And since I was “advanced maternal age” when I had her, my body definitely didn’t bounce back as quickly as it used to. It took me a few months to shed the baby weight for sure. But there were a few things I did this time around that I didn’t do the other time around that helped me lose the weight. Here are my tips for losing weight after baby.

Don’t gain too much to begin with

I know it’s easier said than done. But one of the keys to losing weight after baby is ensuring you don’t gain more weight than necessary during pregnancy. People often say when you’re pregnant you’re eating for two. However, the actual increased caloric intake isn’t equivalent to another adult. So while that second bowl of ice cream may be fine tonight, making it a habit isn’t the best idea.


Postpartum Girdle Belly Band

After having a baby it’s normal to hate the way you look. I know I couldn’t wait for my body to bounce back into shape. The fastest way to start feeling like yourself again is by using a Waist Training Postpartum Girdle. These little wonders help compress your midsection and helps you bounce back more quickly.

Good Diet

After baby arrives, eating well is just as important as eating well during pregnancy. This is especially important if you’re nursing. New parents, especially new mothers, are often so starved for time that they find themselves grabbing convenience foods. Unfortunately convenience foods are often processed foods and not as nutritious as other options.

Parents should prepare ahead if possible and freeze healthy meals. When time is tight, make sure snacks like nuts and fruit are readily available so you don’t rely on junk food to fill you up.


Sleep (see below) for new parents is crucial, but so is exercise. With small babies, new parents sometimes feel like they have cabin fever or feel like they’re stuck in a monotonous routine. Babies sleep and eat throughout the day and parents can feel like every day is on a loop. Make sure to break your days up by getting out for a quick walk.

If you’re able, trade on and off with your significant other and get your gym time in or take an exercise class. This will get your endorphins going which is also great for working against any post partum hormone changes.


Lastly, rest up new mama! You need to rest and take care of yourself because you won’t be any use to your little one if you’re not well. Try to sleep when they sleep. But more practically you’ll want to try to steal some naps when extra hands are available. Sometimes even a 20 minute nap will help rejuvenate you.


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