Tips for Choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

professional carpet cleaning service

It’s recommended that you have your carpets professionally steam cleaned at least once per year. High traffic rates, inclement weather, kids and pets can often contribute to dirty carpets. A home vacuum cleaning can only do so much to rid your carpet fibers of the embedded dirt and grime. This may be new or unfamiliar to you, especially if you’re a first time home owner. Here are a few tips to get you started.

For a beginner or someone not well versed in carpet cleaning, it’s recommended you hire a professional carpet cleaning company to steam clean your carpets for you at home. This is more highly recommended than renting a machine, especially on very dirty carpets, because, by hiring professionals, you get a better clean without having to learn how to do it yourself, going through the trial and error of using new equipment. Professional carpet cleaners have access to powerful, commercial-grade equipment that will yield great results.

Research many different companies before settling on one. Be an investigator, call and inquire about different rates and services. Ask friends and family about their experiences and advice. Look through customer reviews on sites like Yelp, Google Places and Angie’s List. If you live in Charlottesville, VA we recommend Tidy Guy as they have really good Google reviews.

Please feel free to let us know which one is the best carpet cleaner in your area and we will make sure to update our list. Thank you!

  • You probably want to save money. This is normal. However, you shouldn’t go with the lowest price option you can find on a carpet cleaning service. Many companies offer a low price simply to get their name out there. These companies tend to upsell their customers on other unnecessary services. When deciding on a professional carpet cleaner, base your choice on quality, reputation and customer recommendations, not price.
  • Be sure to inquire about the services included in the cleaning. The advertised price you’ll find in your research is often just a base price. Extra services, including what you might be looking for specifically, will often cost more. Before hiring a company, be sure that they’re transparent about the extra costs and fees. Be sure to ask very specific questions before you commit.
  • One final thing to consider: when you hire a professional cleaning service, you’re inviting strangers into your home. Be sure the company you hire screens its employees and does thorough background checks. This is another thing to keep an eye out for when reading customer reviews. Any legitimate carpet cleaning company such as will take responsibility for its employees and any mistakes they happen to make on the job.

Ultimately, you want to be smart when hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. Ask the right questions, do your research thoroughly and feel confident about your decision before you go through with it. If the company you hire does a good job and you have a good experience, pay it forward by leaving a positive review online. Likewise, if you have a negative experience with said company, pay it forward for future potential customers by leaving an honest review online.

Kyle Winters - April 4, 2017

I do like that you remind people to check what services come packaged with the base cleaning. After all, you never know what some companies might include and some might charge extra. If you want something specific done, such as steaming your carpets, you want to make sure that the company you choose includes it in their pricing.

Bernard Clyde - April 17, 2017

I agree that you shouldn’t necessarily go with the cheapest option when it comes to hiring carpet cleaning services. It’s important that a thorough enough job is done to remove the allergens and other things in your carpet. I think it’s amazing how a quality, deep cleaning carpet service can make your carpet look like it’s new again.

Rachel Lannister - May 19, 2017

My brother is really sick and tired of his carpets not being clean, and asked me if I knew of any good cleaning services. In the article it states that you should choose a carpet cleaning service that hires great employees, as you will be allowing these individuals in your home. I’ll have to do some thorough research on these services, so that I can recommend a service that will be respectful of my brother, his home and his family. Thanks for the great tips.

Ernest London - May 25, 2017

Thanks for the tips for choosing a carpet cleaning company. My wife and I want to have our carpet cleaned before we try to sell our house. I like what you said about making sure the company you choose screens its employees and does background checks. That way, you know only reputable people will be working on your home.

Leviticus Bennett - June 1, 2017

I like your tip to do lots of research and to read customer reviews. I also think it’s a good idea to read both negative and positive reviews. That way you can check to make sure the reviews aren’t biased or fake.

Gloria Durst - June 7, 2017

I agree that you need to find out what kind of extra services are not included when choosing a cleaning service. It would make sense to find out what kind of extra things you will be charged for and what is included. My sister needs a cleaning service to get her home ready for an open house, so she’ll have to find one that has plenty of base services for a fair price.

Esther Lyndon-Jones - June 8, 2017

Unfortunately, many people are deceived by the low prices some carpet cleaning companies offer. In most cases, they end up with low quality service or paying more after the job is done.

Thanks for pointing this out in your article. Hope more people read it.

Tiffany Locke - June 21, 2017

Thanks for the advice to hire a professional so that they can use commercial-grade equipment in order to get the best results. Using the proper tools, and knowing how to handle them, could be important to make sure everything’s properly cleaned. When hiring a cleaning service, you’d probably want to research what equipment, methods, and products they use so you can ensure that they’ll be able to handle the type of floors you have and the rest of your home.

Maids In America - June 25, 2017

Not only cleaning the windows. You must be concern about your entire living place. Sometimes its better to hire a professional.

Mukesh Kumar - June 29, 2017

Thank you for your very helpful article. I have learn a lot of things through your article. I am very happy to your blog. Thanks for sharing!

John Billows - July 1, 2017

My carpets have been taking a real beating this summer with all the kids playing sports. Everyday they bring in mud and other debris. I like your advice to call around to see what services different cleaning companies offer. I want to be sure I get the best cleaning service for my home and my needs.

Derek Dewitt - July 6, 2017

My wife and I are getting ready to sell our home and are looking to hire a carpet cleaning company soon. I really like that you mention ensuring the company you hire does background checks on their employees. In my opinion, ensuring your property and family are safe during the process in most important. I’ll keep this in mind when looking for residential cleaning services! Thanks for sharing!

Afton Jackson - July 6, 2017

I didn’t realize how important it is to choose a carpet cleaning service that screens its employees and does background checks. My sister just bought an older home. Hopefully, these tips can help her find an expert that can remove the stains left by the previous owner.

Ridley Fitzgerald - July 12, 2017

Thanks for the great tips for finding a carpet cleaning service. I agree that choosing the cheapest one probably isn’t the best option. For me, I’m already paying to hire someone, so I may as well get the best I can!

Harper Campbell - July 18, 2017

We have a big family reunion coming up at our house, and we want to make sure that we are ready. I am wanting to hire someone to come clean the carpets, and need help choosing the right service to do it. It’s good to know that we shouldn’t judge a company by their price, but by their reputation and customer recommendations.

Kenneth Gladman - August 8, 2017

I like that you mentioned looking at prices of different companies, but not letting that ultimately make your decision. My carpets right now have gotten quite dirty from three kids and a dog. I would much rather pay a little more and get good service.

Callum Palmer - August 10, 2017

I agree, if you’re going to hire a professional carpet cleaning service, then you want to see what other services they offer as well. The article makes a good point about how important it is to get your carpets steamed once a year. If yours haven’t been done yet then it might not hurt to ask the carpet cleaning service about it when you’re hiring them.

Tyler Meredith - August 14, 2017

I like that you recommend finding a carpet company that has a reasonable price but that also is known for doing quality work. It makes sense that going with the cheapest cleaning could result in a much worse job or even damaged carpet. This could be helpful for my to remember in particular because my carpet has some serious stains and I’d like to have them cleaned up as effectively as possible.

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