Three Great Kids Party Ideas

We all want our little ones to have the most special day possible for their birthday, so picking a good theme for their party is crucial.

Kids look forward to their birthday for weeks, even months, so make sure that they aren’t disappointed by picking one of these great themes!


An event which has become more and more popular in recent years is the charity colour run, which is a bit like your normal charity fun run, but with a twist: everybody gets pelted with bright neon paints, ending up with a huge rainbow of colours!

It’s a really fun (if messy) concept, so why let grown-ups have all the fun? If you’re willing to spend a bit of time cleaning up afterwards, it’s a really fun idea for a birthday party (after all, we all know if there’s one thing kids love, it’s making a mess!).

You can buy safe coloured powder from sites such as Holi Colour Powder who provide the powders for colour run events and the Hindu festival of Holi.

To keep the rest of the party in line with the theme, be sure to make sure that all your decorations and invitations are in bright neon colours and make sure everybody comes in white t shirt (or provide them yourself).

And of course, make sure that the food offering is nice and bright (you can get custom made jars, boxes, bags and even bouquets from Retro Sweet).

It’s a simple idea, but as kids get older, it’s easier to get away with simpler ideas like this, and it’s probably best suited to ‘tween’ age kids.


If it’s a summer birthday, why not set up camp in the garden, and camp out under the stars?

Kids love having a sleepover, and it’s even more exciting when you can embrace the great outdoors, weather permitting of course.

It’s a great chance to have a little campfire barbeque, and cook up some roasted marshmallows or other campfire treats.

There’s also all kinds of activities and games you can play out in the garden, both before and after the sun goes down, such as scavenger hunts and ghost stories, if you dare!

We spoke to the London party planners at Twizzle, who said: “It’s always good to get the kids outdoor whenever you can, and they really buy into the excitement of a night under the stars, even if it is just in the back garden!

“What’s great is that you can keep a fairly close eye on them too, without feeling like you’re
getting in the way.”


If there’s one toy which is truly timeless, it’s Lego. Lego has been a feature of playtimes across the world for almost 70 years now, and its popularity has only continued to grow with new sets, theme parks, and of course, movies.

The fact that Lego is such a blank slate, that allows your kids to create whatever they want, means that it’ll appeal to all kinds of kids, no matter what their age, gender or interests.

Because Lego is so hugely popular, there’s all kinds of Lego branded decorations and party supplies that you can buy to work with your theme.

Give each guest their own bag of Legos and see what weird and wonderful things they can come up with!

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