The Importance of Early Childhood Swimming

If you’re a parent of a young child, I’m sure you’re thinking about taking them to the pool, beach, or lake this summer. But are they ready to swim? Are they confident in the pool?

These questions may lead you to thinking about swimming lessons. And there are many good reasons why introducing your children to swimming early on is a good idea. The benefits are physical and emotional and swimming is a skill that will stay with your child for years to come.

Fit and Fun

Playing in a pool or any water is extremely fun – for kids and adults. Not only is swimming fun, but there are many health benefits to swimming. Swimming encourages activity in kids. It’s proven that it can help prevent childhood obesity. Any activity that gets kids moving is beneficial to their overall health and well-being.

Full Body Exercise

On the same theme, swimming is an activity that uses many different muscle groups. In order to swim you need to use your arms and legs as well as your core muscles.

Swimming is also a low impact activity. Unlike running, jumping, and other activities, swimming doesn’t require weight to be placed on the joints in the arms or legs. This means there is less “wear and tear” on these joints and they’ll stay in working order for longer.

Not only are you using your muscles when you swim, but you’re also using other parts of your body. Swimming requires coordination between arms, legs, and core muscles. If you’re racing it also involves head and neck muscles as you breathe and turn.

Independence and Confidence

Some sports are team sports, but other sports are independent sports. Swimming is mostly an independent activity. It requires a child to succeed on their own, based on their own skill and training. Because of this, it can foster a sense of independence and confidence in children as young as three.

Children that continue with swimming will learn that it requires dedication to become a good swimmer. This dedication and commitment fosters a confidence in one’s abilities.


As any parent knows, swimming pools and any bodies of water can pose a great danger to small children. By introducing swimming lessons early in their life, they will have the tools to prevent drowning.

Children will understand their abilities in relation to the water and be more educated in what they can and can’t, should and shouldn’t do in the water.

As a child takes lessons, from doggy paddle to butterfly stroke, they will feel more and more confident in their abilities and therefore more confident in the water.

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