The Best Baby Gifts for Your Budget

We all get to this point in our adult lives. For years you find yourself going to engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and wedding. I’m pretty sure in the past 5-7 years I’ve spent thousands of dollars on all the marriage celebrating events. Now those lucky in love people are having babies. And lots ofthem. I must say as much fun as weddings are and I definitely wish I could go relive my own, the baby stage is a lot more fun.

There is nothing better than the smell of a newborn. The way they wiggle. The grasp of a pinky finger. The sleep smiles. These special little moments stay with you much longer than the buzz you get from watered down drinks at some weddings open bar.

This week has been very special for me and my family because I gained a new niece and just found out my oldest friend is expecting in a few months. My sister is due in 20 weeks with my nephew. All while I sit here 30 weeks pregnant. Babies galore! We are blessed beyond measure.

With new babies come baby showers or sprinkle gifts. With of r tight budget we don’t have too much disposable income to spend on elaborate gifts despite wanting to buy these babies everything I see. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are some great gifts for new mothers and their babies that don’t break the bank.

Best Baby Gifts for Your Budget

Handmade Baby Blankets

The one thing I found with my first child is that people love giving blankets. You’ll look at your gifts and think to yourself what the heck am I going to do with all these blankets. Well, take it from me – you’ll use them. Every. Last. One. Between tummy time and crawling and snuggling you’ll want one in every room and car. And they get dirty so you always need backups.

So if you’re crafty a handmade baby blanket is a great gift. You can go multiple routes – crochet, knit, quilt, fleece ties. Because of the different ways you can create a baby blanket (and the fact that baby blankets are small) you can keep the money and time investment small. Bonus savings if you have leftover coordinating fabric or yarn from previous projects. I find myself over buying supplies all the time so I tend to fall in that category.

Wood Teethers

Wooden baby teethers are great gifts because they are safe for the baby, trendy, and don’t cost much. Etsy is full of them and you can find them in cute shapes with personalization options. Bannor Toys is one of the trendy brands that I love and the best part is that their teethers are very price friendly. Smiling Tree Toys is another that offer quality products for a good price. By personalizing these you add something extra special that will be cherished and possibly handed down.

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Surprisingly I only received one of these ornaments for my first born, but when I was born my mother received about 10 “first Christmas” ornaments for me. These are also great heirloom type gifts and you can find them in all different types of materials. I have silver bells with my birth year all the way to a framed paper drawing from my neighbor. For the crafty ones out there you can also go the homemade route. All of my own “first Christmas” ornaments adorn my Christmas tree and I love them. I love the nostalgia and kitchy feel of them.

Diaper changing basket

New babies go through a lot of diapers. And they need to be changed constantly. If you live in a multistory house or a large house, you don’t want to be trekking to the nursery for every diaper change. Having a diaper changing basket in multiple rooms can make the changing process quicker. include a pack of diapers, wipes, cream, antibacterial lotion, hand lotion, and maybe even a small toy to keep an older baby occupied.

Nursing Necessities basket

If the new mama is planning on nursing a nursing basket is a great idea. It’s amazing how often I found myself starting a nursing session and saying “oh I wish I had ____” near me. Some great additions to this type of basket is luna bars, water bottles, nursing pads, nursing ice packs, nipple cream, possibly a magazine.

Baby Books

One of the items that I was definitely lacking in the beginning were good baby books. I had a few staples but it’s amazing how quickly one can get tired of Where’s Spot. I found that my favorites were oldies but goodies. Or new books that played to both parents and children alike. Some of my new favorites are the new takes on classic literature like the below.

Cleaning services

When I was pregnant with my first a coworker gave me a gift certificate to a cleaning service. I still remember my jaw dropping when I opened it. At that point I was 37 weeks pregnant going on 43 (I was Not loving pregnancy). I had neglected my housework and the gift certificate felt like a “get out of jail free” card. Knowing that I wanted the house clean before the baby came and that I would be hosting a steady stream of guests in the coming weeks, the cleaning service came in handy.

When giving as a gift, price out a few different companies. If you’re giving for a close friend of family member, you can really save money by offering you own time to come over and help clean.

Frozen Meals for the New Parents

Every year for Christmas my boss gives us food and I received deep dish pizzas a few weeks before my daughter was born. I remember how happy my husband and I were when we were sleep deprived and starving knowing we had delicious pizzas just waiting for us. My parents and siblings also brought over home cooked meals that hit the spot after being in the hospital and feeling out of sorts. Those brought a sense of home and normalcy when we were actively figuring out what our new normal was.

Frozen meals work best since new parents may receive a lot of food in the beginning but not enough time to eat it all. They can spread it out over the coming weeks. This is a gift that definitely is appreciated by the parents and won’t cost much. Make a double batch and save some for yourself. This way you can buy all the ingredients in bulk saving more money.


Whatever you choose to give – whether it’s your time with a visit or the most elaborate and expensive gift, it’s the thought that counts. New parents will appreciate the fact that you took time to think about their growing family.



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    Thanks for the comment! I’m glad I was able to help out with some gift ideas.

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