Our plans for cutting our food budget

We’re not a big family. And I’ve always been told that I eat like a “bird” – I definitely fall into the category of those that eat more out of necessity rather than pleasure. My husband and daughter are of a different breed, my husband in particular. He’s known for making himself “multi-meat” meals and preferring plates that have multiple sides.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter I started leaving the grocery shopping and cooking to my husband. I’m very lucky to say he’s a great cook and is willing to try new recipes to add to our menu. The downside is that meat was a very large portion of our food spending. And while experimenting to foods and recipes is good, if we got to busy to make specific meals we found that produce went wasted. While I can eat the same food for multiple meals, my husband gets bored more easily which meant that leftovers sometimes go uneaten. All of these are big drains on our food budget and our household budget.

So our challenge is how do you reduce your food bill to $400 a month knowing we have a new baby on the way. With me nursing, my appetite will most like stay the same or increase.

Over the next few months I’ll chronicle our attempts to bring down our food spending , outlining what has worked and what hasn’t. The next post will be how we started using a grocery delivery service in November to help us plan in advance our meals and curb last minute trips to the store which always end in over spending.

Until then. Wish us luck!


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Chia Hui - May 10, 2016

Good idea. At least a good start that you realise your own problem and knowing what to chnage.

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