Kik Messenger for iOS: New Features Galore

Have you ever considered using Kik messenger on your iPhone? If yes, then the subsequent discussion would surely come in handy. Kik is one specific application that is much more than just a messaging app. In simpler words, this app allows users to add new individuals based on preferences and keep them engrossed even when they aren’t chatting with someone.

Chatting Over Kik

Kik is one handy platform to chat and interact with individuals. The best thing with this application is that users can make use of emojis, pictures and even GIFs for interacting with individuals. This in turn makes chatting interesting and yielding for the individuals.

In addition to that, we also get the option for chatting in groups or asking someone to join the same. In simpler words, it can be deduced that Kik has taken the best out of every messaging application known to us and amalgamated the same into something revolutionary.

Sharing Stuffs Over Kik

Not just chatting, users can send over videos and pictures to someone— directly from the gallery. One can also click instant stuffs and send them over at will. Kik is one platform that allows users to share stuffs without having to worry about privacy.

The only thing one needs to take care of is the type of people added to the list.

The Concept of Video Chatting

Kik messenger allows us to opt for video chatting which only a few other applications have achieved. Moreover, the new version of this application brings forth an advanced set of filters for setting up picture effects. This version of Kik is available over the App store and is compatible with most iOS versions.

Bottom Line

The best thing about this app is that kik online features are in sync with the mobile version of the same. Therefore, users can stay connected at all times regardless of the device in hand.

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