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How To Prevent Mosquito Bites for Babies and Toddlers

This time of year is difficult for parents. It’s summertime so kids want to be outside playing as much as possible. We have the sun to worry about and the ill effects of the UV rays. But one of the more common issues we face in our household are bug bites. In particular mosquito bites.

Here are a few ways to limit or prevent your child from getting mosquito bites this summer.

Landscaping and Property Maintenance

If you find your property is infested with mosquitoes and they’ve laid eggs, it’s probably best to hire professionals to treat your property. These treatments can be a one time occurrence or they could be recurring. Services like those from Pest Control Pro can help with these types of treatments.

There are also many plants that are natural insect repellants. You can find a large list of those plants here.

Wear Long Pants and Sleeves

One of the ways to prevent a bug from biting you is to limit the amount of open skin available. One of the easiest ways to prevent mosquito bites, as well as bites from other dangerous insets like ticks, is to cover up.

Wear long sleeves and pants that cover the larger areas of your body. There are many wicking and sport fabric shirts on the market which will make this bearable in the summer heat.

An additional bonus is that with long sleeves and pants you also lessen the exposure to UV rays.

Wear Bug Repellent

There are many different bug repellents available for adults and children. Bug spray with deet is the most popular. Deet is a bug and insect repellent and wearing it directly will help keep those pests away.

Bug sprays are approved for kids of almost all ages. This includes those as young as a few months. Always refer to the product’s instructions before applying on your child. In addition you may want to reach out to your pediatrician with any questions or concerns you may have regarding a particular brand.



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