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How to Choose an Organic Crib Mattress for Your Little One

There are few factors you need to consider before buying an organic crib mattress for your little baby.

Waterproof Covering:

When you are taking the mattress for your little baby, it is very useful to have waterproof cover. By taking a mattress that have waterproof cover, you can protect your one from fluids. This is why it is a wise decision to have such mattress. Because it will help you to reduce damage and lessen your hardship while raising a baby.


It is very essential to know whether the mattress is comfortable or not before buying one. Because if you choose an uncomfortable mattress it can make many difficulties for your baby to fall asleep. This will lead to many issues and can hamper your beloved baby’s development and growth.

Proof of Being “Organic”:

There are many mattresses in the market which claims to be organic but actually they are not. Many organizations are working on this. They mainly examines the mattress and then certify that whether it is organic or not. You should check these things and certificates of being organic before buying one.

Avoidance of Chemicals:

There are many designs of crib mattresses which are not safe and can bring many hazards. Many companies use chemicals which can lead to many problems and disaster as well. So before buying an organic crib mattress you should keep these things in mind.


The mattress should be easy to breathe. It can often become challenging with the wrong type of crib mattress. The experts state that breathable mattresses are useful for babies.

Because as they don’t have much powerful lungs so it would be very difficult for your baby to sleep on a non-breathable mattress. It’s better to give them a mattress which is breathable to rest on.


As the babies spend most of the time on the bed so durability is one of the major factors. The mattresses are used largely. Thus you won’t buy a mattress which will not last long or you need to repair it frequently. It’s not an option. Rather it’s a wise decision to look for the mattress’s durability.


As the mattress is for crib so size matters. Because the crib has a specific structure and size. If the size of the mattress is not exact, the baby may hurt and get injured. The mattress should cover each and every corner of the crib.


The final feature you should look on is firmness. The baby should feel comfortable lying on it. For us, comfortable means it should be soft but it is not true in case of babies.

They should have a firm mattress so that when they lie on the top it doesn’t sink in. It is very much harmful for their gentle body and hampers the growth of their body as well.

 So the organic crib mattress should be firm enough to give your baby a pleasant surface to lie down.
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