How to Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaner


Deciding on a professional carpet cleaner takes time and research. The process isn’t as clean cut as you might think. There are many different factors to consider when deciding on a professional carpet cleaning service.

From the different types of treatments to the chemicals and machinery used, services and fees both extra and included, employee training and certification and even

First, consider the process. How dirty are your carpets? When was the last time you had them treated? What time of year are you going to get them treated? These are key questions to ask when determining the type of treatment process you’re looking to get done.

Steam carpet cleaning is a deeper cleaning process; it is recommended for those carpets that have gone a long time without treatment. An important thing to consider, however, is that steam cleaned carpets require significant time to dry, which means you won’t be able to walk across them right away. Rather than using questionable chemical solutions to rip the dirt from your carpet fibers, this process relies on the strength and power of steam.

A “dry” carpet cleaning treatment would use over 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning, instead relying on low-moisture cleaning and a bubbling chemical solution to remove dirt and grime from the fibers, bringing them to the surface of your carpet to be easily cleaned.

Research prospective carpet cleaning companies such as that provide service to your geographic location. Conduct thorough, significant research. Browse different companies’ websites and find information about fees, cleaning processes and employee training and certifications. Look for customer reviews on Yelp and Google Business. Ask friends and family members for recommendations.

Once you’ve narrowed your list down to a few different professional carpet cleaning services, it’s time to call and inquire further. Ask if they will guarantee their services in writing, as a written contract guarantees they will follow through on what they offer. Inquire and see if their technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the gold standard in carpet cleaning training. Make sure their technicians are insured, as you don’t want to be liable for any injuries that occur inside your home. Finally, ask them to provide you with references from past clients. Any legitimate cleaning service should happily provide you with past references. If not, it’s a clear red flag.

Avoid the lowest price option. Many companies will offer their services at an exceptionally low price point to simply get their foot in the door. Once they’re in your home, they will try to catch you by surprise and upsell you. It’s best to make your decision considering quality of service first, with price as a consideration to come later on.

Finally, think about the employees. You will be letting these people into your house. They will be touching your furniture and cleaning your things. Make sure the company you hire performs background checks and criminal screenings on its employees.

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