Adorable Kids T-Shirts from Heart2Heart Books

Heart2Heart Books has started a line of T-Shirt designs especially for children.

Although it’s easy to build cute kids’ clothing, it’s not easy to produce meaningful kids’ clothing. Heart2Heart Books has managed to do both!

Words can change people and ultimately the world. In order to grow into their best selves, children need inspiration and encouragement.

Heart2Heart Books T-Shirt designs contain inspirational sayings that focus on inspiring and encouraging children and students to be the best version of themselves. This is accomplished through their use of uplifting, motivating and inspirational sayings on their T-Shirt designs.

Each shirt has a fun little saying and something that is relevant to your child. From “Be Your Own Star”, “Be Happy”, “I Love Books”, “I Love School”, “Go For Your Goals”, “I’m Kind Of A Big Deal”, to “Life’s Pretty OK”, the sayings will remind both you and your little one to stay positive and inspired.

Heart2Heart Books creates it’s T-shirt designs using their great-looking, eye-catching, child friendly, Heart themed, custom-made Heart Fonts.

Combining their Heart Font with fun, inspirational sayings create something truly cute and fun for children to wear.

Heart2Heart Books T-shirts can be purchased at Amazon. As they are a brand new T-Shirt seller on Amazon Merch, their T-Shirt inventory is limited to ten (10) T-Shirt designs.

Their Amazon T-Shirt page link can be accessed at:

In addition, Heart2Heart Books continues to add a larger inventory of upcoming T-Shirt designs to their Facebook page.

These include T-Shirts designs placed on mock-up templates, T-Shirt designs placed on child models and the too cute T-Shirt designs placed on custom made Chibi figures.

The cute Chibi figure designs are activity matched to the T-Shirt saying and are worth a look as they are something your child will truly enjoy.

The Heart2Heart Books Facebook page can be seen at the following link:

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