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Five Best Educational Toys For Kids You Should Buy

If you need help picking out the best gifts for little children this holiday, then we are here to help you out. Epic Kids Toys always has the latest toys from different brands. While kids want to play with cars and dolls, there are educational toys that they need to play with as well. Parents can find information on the best educational toys for kids from this section. Many parents feel that children learn better when they watch things on the screen, but there is no denying that kids learn faster when they have tactile toys to play with. Given below are five of the best educational toys in the market, which you can get for your kids.

1. Stackable Toys

These are the easiest way to train the children to learn balancing skills. The stackers are available in bright colors and Epic Kids Toys even has one that can be used as teether toy for the little kids. The toys are made from premium food grade material, so they are 100% safe for your child.

2. Alphabet Cards and Storyboards

Children can start working on their alphabets and numbers with the use of alphabet puzzle cards. They can identify the image on the cards provided and use the alphabets to form the words. If you want these cards for smaller kids, you can use miniature object matching cards. They are a perfect gift for Montessori learning.

3. Doodle Board

Kids love to doodle and give vent to their imagination. If you kid has started doodling on every available sheet of paper, it is time to buy a drawing mat for him. The doodle board is in the shape of a mat and kid has ample space to scribble and erase. The writing appears in neon colors, which further adds to the appeal of the drawing map and helps the kid learn faster.

4. Puzzle Set


Everyone loves to solve puzzles. You can initiate your child into the world of puzzles by getting an easy toddler wooden pegged puzzle set. They are available in fruits and animal shapes. The child has to fit the shapes into their correct slot. If you want something a little more challenging, then get him a picture puzzle where the child has to recreate the image provided with the help of the puzzle pieces. We wouldn’t be surprised if you can’t resist yourself from giving a try.

5. Science Kit

One of the best gifts for your kid would be a science kit. You might have to assist him in the first try, but the kit is easy to understand and completely safe for use. Check the age bracket to be completely sure before purchasing.

This is a starter kit for you. You can visit the epickidstoys.com and see what they have to offer. Ask your kid to try them out and get her the one she loves.

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