DotMom: New Domain Name for the Modern Working Mom

Mothers are great, no doubt about that, but once in a while they look for ways to vent, to be themselves and that’s why the domain .mom is there to cater to them. This domain is better than .com as we will soon discover. Moms can use the domain for both personal and professional purposes going forward. Score one for the moms of the world.

Let’s take a look at why .mom domain extension is better than the rest;

  1. There are so many domain extensions available these days with .com being the most common. However, if you need to stand out, .mom is the extension name that will help you get your presence felt.
  2. You don’t have to sacrifice the perfect name for hyphens or numbers. .Mom has countless names available for you to choose from.
  3. Many moms are most likely to trust a company with the extension .mom rather than .com.
  4. If your domain extension is .mom, chances are it will appear at the top on .mom search engines.
  5. You can share ideas, sell products to other moms, and discuss issues on .mom.
  6. It serves as a great platform for moms who are looking for guidance and support from others around the world.
  7. Exclusive .mom names are still much cheaper than the same .com names

Moms who blog

Mothers love to share, to talk about their kids and family life. Moms have found a new way to talk about their experiences though creative blogging. It also serves as an advantage as they are able to make money at the comfort of their homes.

Moms have been wired to worry about the next generation and how they can improve their kids’ lives. That’s why plenty of blogs written by mothers look at ways to help others to improve the quality of family life. In my opinion, in order for mummy blogs to be easily visible, a domain specifically tailored for mothers should be used.


Some stay-at-home moms have found ways to make a living from online businesses. This is a dream come true for many mothers who want to spend quality time with their kids and earn a little on the side. They have found ways to sell online, consult, write, design, and plan events, all while at home. These moms work hard, make their money and still take care of their children. Again, in my opinion, the best way for mothers who do this to succeed is to get the .mom domain name for visibility and engagement.

Mom Forums

It is imperative for mothers to have a forum where they can all meet to discuss business and family. There are more than 4.2 million moms who blog on the net today, meaning mothers are now more connected more than ever. The domain .mom name is not only fitting for marketing to mothers but is also great for linking with other moms. Blogs, social networking sites, and forums, can all find the ideal platform on a .mom extension.

Getting your domain name

You can get a DotMom domain name at and it can be as little as $39 per annum. Alternatively, if you insist on a .com domain you can try

DotCom domains are usually more expensive. Try a discount coupon from to save up to 20% off at

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