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Breastfeeding Support Denied – Class Action Lawsuit on behalf of Federal Employees

It’s very common for new mothers to be uncertain about breastfeeding and their ability to nurse their babies. You’ll find many reputable health advisories pointing mothers down the breastfeeding route. And rightly so. Breastfeeding, if you’re able and willing, is the best way to feed your newborn.

Research shows that breastfeeding provides significant benefits for both mother and her infant. It helps babies build a stronger immune system, as well as lowers risk of asthma, allergies, infection, and illness in general. It benefits the mother in reducing stress and postpartum depression. And lactation consultants are a huge resource and comfort to new mothers (and seasoned mothers) looking to nurse their new babies.

But new mothers should be aware of the challenges involved with breastfeeding. And their access to lactation consultants. When entering into motherhood, the idea that you have access to a certified lactation consultant can ease your mind. But every new parent should read up on their insurance offerings when it comes to breastfeeding support and consultation.

Recently, it has been revealed that major insurance companies were misrepresenting breastfeeding services to their clients.

What Happened?

Federal employees who paid a premium for lactation services created a class action lawsuit against Blue Cross in The Southern District of New York, because they misrepresented the availability of certified lactation consultants in network. As a result, these new mothers were left to search out of network – and pay out of pocket – in order to provide the best for their child. There were subsequent emotional and economic harms done to mother who would have otherwise chosen another plan if the coverage was clearly explained.

Those affected were charged a premium for access to these benefits, from $300 and above. All while enduring the cost of formula feeding (which is very expensive) and enduring emotional harm due to the delaying.

And many new mothers know that when you’re trying to nurse a newborn you can experience suffering from poor latches, low supply, or poor positioning. The emotional toll it takes on a new mother trying to do their best for their child can shake their confidence.

How does it affect those insured with this plan?

It directly impacts parents with newborns who need extra services and assistance in breastfeeding. They paid a premium for these extra services – but didn’t get anything in return. This also hurts many lactation consultants, as they will be unable to provide their services due to the insurance carrier denying claims of mothers.

Who would be eligible to benefit from this class action lawsuit?

Federal employees and their spouses will benefit from this class action lawsuit. Individuals who are either a part of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program or those who requested and didn’t receive insurance benefits/certified lactation services are also eligible.

What can I do?

It is important to take action to provide mothers with the breastfeeding services that they are entitled to, as well as important for us to ensure that the health of their infant is a priority.

If your insurance provider has misrepresented your access to a certified lactation consultant, you may be entitled to compensation. If you have questions or concerns, you can reach Attorney Damon McDougal to discuss this case and your possible eligibility for compensation: mcdougallaw.dm@gmail.com (www.topnjlawfirm.com)

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