Best Chores for Kids with Cats

chores for kids with cats

When people talk about pets and teaching kids responsibility, dogs immediately come to mind. This is because dogs require a lot more attention such as walking or exercise. But that doesn’t mean owning other pets can’t teach your children the same type of acts of responsibility. In today’s post we’ll review some of the best chores you can assign your child when you have a cat in the house.



When people (mostly non-cat owners) think of cats they think of these aloof creatures. But cats actually enjoy affection just as much as any other pets. It’s important for owners to play with their cats. This is a great activity for your child as they are probably playful as well. So grab a few cat toys and get your kid in the habit of giving your cat some much needed attention and fun! Check out some safe cat products that your kids can use during playtime with kitty.

Cleaning the Litter Box

No kid wants to clean up after a pet. But this is a big step towards responsible pet ownership. Just as a dog owner will need to walk the dog and pick up after them, a cat owner must clean up after their cat. This typically involves cleaning out the cat’s litter box.

It doesn’t need to be as scary or disgusting as it sounds. There are so many great litter box products to make cleaning it out a breeze. And cleaning around it as well. Any cat owner knows that just because the litter is put in the box doesn’t mean it stays in the box.


While not perfect for all ages of children, grooming a cat can be one of the ways they take responsibility of their pet. A good chore may be brushing a long haired cat. You can even have your child clean up after the pet hair as most cats do shed a little.

Just make sure to leave the nail clipping to a qualified adult.

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