Best Baby Shower Gifts for an Expecting Mother

So, your friend will soon be a mommy and she’s planning to have this amazing baby shower and you are invited, of course. Well, finding gifts for babies is definitely one of the most daunting tasks to do, most especially if you don’t have any idea about which gift would be perfect for that particular occasion. You want to make sure that the gift you will be presenting is just unique and something for which the mother and the child will not only appreciate, but they can use. But what if the gift also could give back to mothers and babies, who live in other parts of the world, and who do not have the same opportunities, then look have a look at PetitePeople is a small web shop who is specializing in the most adorable personalized baby gifts, and for every gift purchased, you also give the gift of life to a mother and her newborn baby in need. Together with a large network of organizations working for newborn health, we find that it is of utmost importance to take ethics into consideration when shopping baby gifts, and we want to draw attention to the issue of maternal and newborn health, a problem that needs serious consideration, no matter where or how you shop. What if you baby´s life could be saved with something as simple a clean birth kit? Read all about how PetitePeople help to improve maternal and newborn health.

Baby Clothes

There are so many clothing items needed by a baby as soon as it comes into the world. You could choose a whole lot of practical items like baby grows, body stockings and little hats There are so many adorable baby clothes to choose from, but if you want to give something really unique why not
personalized it, with your own special message message, or the babys name on? By personalizing your gift, you can be sure yours is one of a kind, and nothing like any other gift the coming mother will receive.

Health Items

The baby’s health is of greater essence, so, you need to look for practical health items in the store. A muslin square is an indispensable item when you have a little newborn on your hands. It is great as a burp cloth, for diapering the baby, or it can be used as a swaddle blanket. At PetitePeople we have a large variety of muslin squares that comes in all colors and patterns, from the bright and colorful ones, to the more subtle colors like white or baby blue. All of our cloth diapers can be neatly embroidered with the baby´s name, date of birth and any other message you wish to put on to make it really a unique gift.

Feeding Items

One of the best baby shower gifts for an expecting mother is to give her baby feeding products. Babies don´t need anything else but breast for the first 6 month, but a personalized plate with a cute message on, or a traditional silver cutlery set would be a great keepsake that baby can use for many years to come. A cute bib, with the baby´s name on it, is also a gift that will be welcomed, as a mother is likely to go through quite a number of bibs with her new baby.

Bath Items

You also need to take into consideration the bath products as practical baby shower gift ideas. This is for the reason that they will be very useful for the mom and the baby. A hooded towel is a much welcomed gift, they can be found in many patterns and shapes, and even an organic towel will ensure that baby does not get exposed to harmful chemicals. All our bath towels at PetitePeople can be personalized with the baby´s name embroidered on the hood.

Gifts for the nursery

You can also look for items for the baby´s nursery. The very first teddy bear, or a cute little ragdoll will be something that can be baby´s best friend for years to come. You could also look for a personalized painting, it could be a simple colorful motive, something that gives meaning to the parents and the family that the little one will grow up into. If the family enjoys sailing why not choose a picture with a cute little sailboat and the name and date of birth? This is something that will really be a memorable gift, something the baby will keep and enjoy even as he or she gets much older.

Ethical and sustainable

Emma Watson, star of Beauty and the Beast, once said that if a piece of clothing or a gift that can be used for more that 30 times, it is in itself sustainable. If you look for a special personalized gift, it is likely to be used, not only 30 times during a baby´s life, but maybe closer to a 100, kept as a special keepsake and passed on through the family, a truly sustainable and unique baby gift, that also gives back to those who need it the most.

If you want to make your gift the best one among the rest, and that it also give back to the ones who need it the most, then make sure that you consider these tips mentioned above and enjoy the party!

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