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Arizona Addiction Centers for Better Treatment Options

Your health and your future are two of the most important aspects of your life. Unfortunately, these two aspects are jeopardized when you are dealing with addiction. Your best bet in saving your health and your future is to recognize that you are suffering from addiction and to seek help from one of the many Arizona addiction centers ready to lead you towards recovery.

Some people try to recover from their addiction by themselves or with the help of loved ones. Others look for treatment facilities like Springboard Recovery. Those who do seek professional help are more likely to succeed in their quest to get over their addiction, whether it’s alcohol, drugs, or any other object or activity they are addicted to.

Expert Help for More Effective Treatment

The results of any recovery plan tend to be more promising when the treatment plans are drawn up and overseen by experts. Of course, everything starts with the desire and determination of the person who wants to be rehabilitated of his addiction. As one of the best Arizona addiction centers, SpringBoard has experts and staff who are ready to welcome anyone who needs help.

Addiction treatment will only be effective if the person undergoing rehabilitation welcomes it with open arms. Being trapped in addiction is already harsh enough and the journey towards recovery should not be as difficult. As addiction affects people from different walks of life and of different ages and social status, the treatments will vary. This is necessary since the needs and challenges that each person has will require different protocols.

It is important for personnel in Arizona addiction centers to understand what the people who come to them are going through. Only when the personal nuances are taken into consideration can they come up with a treatment plan that is truly effective not only for the short term but for life.

There are plenty of Arizona addiction centers that can cater to the needs of those who are shackled by their addiction. Through the various treatment protocols that include detoxification, counselling, and medication in these facilities, patients are bound to see brighter and better days already be able to welcome your better days.

If you are one of those who need to be rehabilitated, take a look at these Arizona addiction centers:

  1. Springboard RecoveryAt SpringBoard Recovery, multiple activities are provided for the successful treatment and recovery of patients. We make recognize that every patient is unique and will respond differently. Every activity at SpringBoard Recovery is designed to fit every person’s character, health, and psychological capacity. This provides a more stable and effective means to the patient’s road to recovery.The programs are specifically designed to fit your schedule and lifestyle so that your recovery will be easier and faster. We will not force any protocol upon you. On the contrary, we will give you treatment options to choose from. The decision will be left up to you.
  2. Arizona Addiction Recovery CenterLocated at Phoenix and Scottsdale, they offer recovery programs for young adults with ages 18 to 35 and for adults with ages 35 and older. 
  3. Arizona Addiction Treatment (Program Inc.) This is located at Mesa and is a drug treatment facility that focuses on drug addiction and how to treat it. They offer outpatient services for all ages and also support criminal justice clients who need to undergo rehab. 
  4. Calvary Healing CenterCalvary Healing Center offers residential treatment for individuals and for groups. It also offers outpatient services at three Arizona addiction centers in different locations. 

    For patients who may not need to stay at the center for a long time, a partial hospitalization program is also available. 

  5. Gallus Detox CenterGallus Detox claims that addiction ends where hope starts and that they can help end your addiction through different detox services that they offer. 

  6. Methadone Treatment CenterThe services they provide include outpatient medication-assisted treatment, group or one-on-one counseling, IOP, and MRT. They conveniently have locations at Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, and Glendale. 
  7. Promises ScottsdaleThey offer separate addiction rehabilitation for women and for men. Aside from these, they also have women’s eating disorders programs. Promises Scottsdale is a safe haven for those who seek to recover from mental health conditions and addictions while having a comfortable place to stay in. 
  8. Valley HopeValley Hope Can be found in Phoenix. Their treatment facility has 55 beds. They have been in existence since 1986 and have helped a lot of people recover from their addiction. They also give free professional consultations and a free tour of the facility if you wish to check them out. 
  9. The Pathway ProgramThe Pathway Program offers drug and alcohol rehab treatment specifically for teens and young adults. They have been helping young men and women recover from their drug and alcohol problems for more than 20 years. 
  10. The Meadows This addiction center focuses on unresolved emotional trauma. They have been known as a vanguard for the treatment of addiction and trauma. 

  11. Reflections Recovery Center This is a substance abuse treatment center that can be found at Prescott. They focus on giving treatments to men with unresolved trauma or addictions through unique ways. They have been known as a rehab authority in the industry for their track record. 
  12. Prescott HousePrescott House has been giving personalized reintegration services since 1988. Their main focus is to help men and their families have long-term recovery through their therapeutic treatment environment.

In choosing from these Arizona addiction centers, make sure that you take the time to check out the list of treatments and the facilities too. If you can, drop by for a visit and see how you feel about the place. Choose the one that offers a wide array of treatments and therapies for more successful rehabilitation. At the end of the day, your recovery plan should match your needs and your own personal situation.

All of the pain and hardships brought about by addiction can be lifted off your shoulders. You are not alone. At SpringBoard, your very own treatment and recovery plan can be customized based on your needs. This is the only way for any plan to be effective. Our experts at SpringBoard help you discover your own capabilities and show you that there is a better life ahead of you after you lift the curtains of addiction.

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