Anti-Aging Tips for Those Entering Your Late 30s

If you’re like me, looking in the mirror isn’t as fun as it used to be. I’ve heard on more than one occasion that I’m “pushing 40”. And while I’ve done my best to stay out of the sun and take care of my skin, there are still areas of my face and skin that I wish looked better. Here are some anti-aging ideas for those looking to keep that youthful glow.


The sun is harsh. And after 30 some odd years of exposing our skin to all those rays, it takes it toll. Wearing sunscreen is still important even if you feel you’re too far gone.

Pay special attention to the more delicate skin, such as your face, hands, and feet. It’s difficult but these are the parts of your body that age the fastest because of their almost constant exposure to the sun.

Use Lotion Liberally

It’s all about the skin. And keeping your skin moisturized and healthy will make you look younger. Make sure you’re using moisturizer daily and moisturizing the important places the most – face, neck, arms and hands. These are the body parts that show age the soonest.

There are many great lotion options. You can try CBD Lotion which is made with hemp oil and sure to leave your skin soft and smooth. It also has some additional medical benefits since it’s made with CBD. You can learn more about all the different types of CBD Skin Care options at

Anti-Aging Serums

I’m sure you’ve looked at those magnifying mirrors at the crows feet forming around your eyes. Those laugh lines may be endearing now but in a few years when they’re bigger you won’t be so happy.

There are many anti-aging serums on the market to reduce wrinkles, smooth skin, and reduce dark spots. Check out the many options on Amazon here.

Just taking some small steps like the above are sure to make improvements in your anti-aging initiatives.

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