5 Tips For Getting The Best Oriental Rug

choosing best oriental rug

Oriental rugs from Persia and other countries have a unique charm about them. Put one in your room, and suddenly it is transformed into a royal palace. And if you are planning to get an oriental rug for your home, then the below tips will definitely help you get the best one.

Why Are You Buying

Know fully well as to why you are buying the rug in the first place. Do you consider the rug as an investment or as a decorative element for your home? If you are looking to get a rug to add beauty to the rooms, then you should carefully think of how much you are willing to spend. But if you are looking at it as an investment, then you can shell out more money on the rug. Such rugs are usually the vintage ones. And when buying them, be sure to check your sources to ensure that you are actually getting an authentic vintage rug rather than fake one.

Take Measurement

This is an important point that many people forget – you must take the measurement of the room before you start shopping for an oriental rug. Since they can be very expensive, you have to be very precise at what you want if you wish to avoid buying an unnecessarily large rug. Similarly, without knowing the size, you might buy a smaller rug which may not fit the room well. So, take a tape measure and measure the room right away.

Machine or Handmade

The rugs you buy can either be handmade or machine made. Handmade rugs use traditional weaving and knotting techniques, They might also use traditional plant dyes instead of the chemical ones, which can age gracefully with time. However, handmade rugs are more expensive than those made using machines. So, if you are on a tight budget, then a machine made rug is your best option.  

Rug pad

Rugs can slip off if you walk on them. And this is why a rug pad is placed below the rug. This pad provides excellent grip to the floor and ensures that the rug does not slip no matter how forceful the steps on it are.  


Be sure to inspect the knots of the rug as this can give you a good idea of the quality of the rug. Push down your fingers on the pile to check the knot density. If you feel like the knots are packed in tightly, then it indicates that the rug is a strong and durable one that will last for many years. You must also check the fineness of the knots since this is also an important indicator of the quality of the rug.

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