4 Tips For Buying A New Mink Coat

Buying a new mink coat is an expensive investment. As such, it is necessary that you thoroughly check all the mink coats you are interested in so as to find the best one. And to help you with your shopping, we list out four things to watch out for when you set out to buy a new mink coat.  

Check Authenticity

There are many fake mink coats in the market. And unfortunately, many people don’t know how to identify real mink coats. An easy way to distinguish between a fake one and a real one is to pluck out a few hairs from the coat you wish to buy and burn it. If it is real mink, the smell of burning hairs will be similar to the smell of burning human hairs. If it is fake mink coat, then the hairs will smell like burning plastic.  Another way to identify a real mink coat is to run your hands through them. Real mink fur is far softer than fake furs. You should also check if the mink coat has any labels attached to them, identifying the brand and the country of manufacturing. It is safer to opt for mink coats manufactured in countries like the US, Denmark, Canada etc.

Inspect Lining

Another good way to determine the quality of a mink coat is to check the inside of the lining. Look for a spot in the lining which allows you to take a peek of the underside of the fur. And if you can touch it and feel it, all the better. If the coat uses original animal pelt, then the inside should look similar to suede leather. Plus, it will also be sewn in sections or strips, resembling a patchwork quilt. If the pelt looks otherwise, then it might be better to avoid buying the coat.

Know Your Budget

Mink coats can be very expensive. This is why you must decide beforehand how much you are willing to spend on it. And only then should you even go out for shopping. Otherwise, there is a real risk that you might feel an impulse to buy a very expensive mink coat that is way above your budget, and might end up swiping your credit card for it. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will help you control such impulses, and you will only look at mink coats that are within your budget.


Try It Out

Yep, Put the mink coat on and check how it feels. It should comfortably envelop you, and make you feel warm. Plus, it must also be light weight.  

As long as you keep the above factors in mind while buying a mink coat, you should easily be able to spot the ones that are top notch and also offer tremendous value for money.  

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