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3 Lipstick Options for women who HATE traditional lipstick.

I still remember my grandmother’s lipstick cases. They always had a reddish pink lipstick in them with a small mirror on the outside. In the 90s when I was growing up, I remember my sister putting on dark maroon lipstick with her flannel shirts. There was always something about lipstick though that was off putting. The act of constant reapplying always put me off. Lipstick smudges, it gets on your teeth, and it’s constantly being wiped off.

As someone who ended up never owning traditional lipstick, I found myself using one of the below products to compensate.


This is probably my favorite lipstick alternative. So when you want the look of traditional lipstick without the smudges, reapplying, and transfer of color, Lipsense is amazing. You can find it at EverlastingLipstick. Their formula keeps this “lipstick” on without any smudging. There are so many different colors to choose from as well. So if you’re like me and hate the idea of reapplying and smearing but still want a VIBRANT look, this is a great choice. They also have a great distributor model which allows you to make money selling Lipsense yourself.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss – Lip gloss is one of my go-tos. It’s easy to apply and comes in many shades. Since gloss is typically translucent it brings out your own real lip color. Be careful not to choose a brand that is too sticky or you will constantly be getting your hair caught in your lipgloss.


Lip Venom and similar products

This is something I’ve used from time to time. Plump lips are always seen as very desirable. There are lip pumping products to physically suction your lips into a plumper shape. But there are also lip gloss type products that use essential oils to tingle your lips into a plumper shape.

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youtube.com - April 20, 2017

One question though. I did a 4-stage dyeing leaving 1/4 original white (same I can see in your project) how did you achieve the white to not color during wash? Mine colored still after I washed under cold water, dryed overnight and only then washed in machine without detergent (as per instructions).

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