10 Best School Activities for 3rd Grader

These days, teachers are facing more challenges as children are becoming more creative and adventurous than before. Preparing a lesson and activity for each lesson is more challenging nowadays as children can also get bored easily. Great and interesting set induction would be great to keep the students awake during the first quarter of the lesson and the teachers need to keep the spirit alive until the end of the class. We are suggesting 10 best school activities for 3rd grader:

  1. Charades – it can get noisy during the charade as the students are excited but it will help the students improve their vocabulary and help them being creative in getting the right answers and giving the best hints.
  2. Spelling Bee – You will love how the students are going to focus on what word they are going to get and how to spell them right. Preparing a gift or reward would help the students to try their best.
  3. Exploring – Prepare hints and checkpoints by using specific themes such as idioms, and more quizzes. Ask them to wear something casual so that they can move around as fast as lightning.
  4. Movie Day – Bring the projector and play a movie for the students to enjoy but at the same time, ask the students to find something such as idioms, verbs or colors that can be found in the movie. It will help the students to focus!
  5. Cartoon yourself – Bring the students to the computer room and ask them to create avatar or cartoon themselves. There are online tools that can help them create free avatar and it will help their creative sides to shine. You can even teach the adjective by asking them to create an avatar according to your descriptions.
  6. Role-play – Ask the students to role play the part that they like in the literature book and maybe ask them to change the ending. Be creative and the students will enjoy it.
  7. Sing a song – Give the students familiar melody and asked them to change the lyrics of the songs, it is going to be fun! – or make some ringtones with them online and save them on your phone. 
  8. Countries’ name – Give the first initial and ask the students to write any country that starts with that initial, the students’ mind will be triggered.
  9. List the objects – Ask the students to go around the classroom and list some objects which start with any assigned letters.
  10. Catch that ball – Whoever catches the ball need to answer a quiz or multiple tables!


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